Welcome to the Flock.

Where books get read. And readers get goodies.

What is Fiction Flock?

Do you remember when you were a kid and you could earn a personal pan pizza or some other fantastic prize for reading a certain number of books? Fiction Flock is a lot like that. You pick a book. You read it. You tell us what you think. Read enough, and you get all kinds of goodies. 

Great Stories.

Browse through our review library for titles published by both independent and traditionally published authors in a variety of fiction genres.

Earn Points

Every review you post earns you points. Sometimes it earns you badges, too. All of it helps you increase your rank. And with rank comes, yep, more goodies.

Amazing Goodies.

Goodies for our weekly drawings and rank rewards are all sourced from small businesses all across the country. #ShopSmall

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How much does it cost to join the flock?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch. It’s free! Joining the flock costs you absolutely zero dollarinos. 

I'm an Author, how much does it cost to list my book?

During our launch phase, it costs a whopping zero dollars. But once we hit 100 flock members, it will cost $4.99 to put each of your books in front of the flock.

What kind of goodies do you give away?

We source all kinds of small business gems. Candles, t-shirts, coffee mugs, snacks, bookmarks, totes, jewelry, bath stuff, and any manner of other prizes.

Are reviews posted on Amazon?

As much as we love the all-mighty Zon, our reviews are posted here on our site. We use the reviews to promote outstanding books on our site. In fact, once a review period is over, if a book gets enough good reviews, it will be deemed “Flock Approved” and live forever on a special page that links to any and all of your buy links.  

How long will books be available for download?

Books listed in our Review Library will be available for Flock members to download for two weeks. Authors are welcomed to run multiple submissions at a time and can list a book in back-to-back two-week sessions.

How do I earn rank? And why do I want to?

The more points you gather, the higher your rank. Not only will you get a cool badge on your profile, but certain ranks earn you free goodies and special access books reserved for Flock members higher up in the pecking order. 

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