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The Commandant’s Daughter by Catherine Hokin

1933, Berlin. Ten-year-old Hanni Foss stands by her father watching the celebrations marking Adolf Hitler as Germany’s new leader. As the torchlights fade, her safe and happy childhood changes forever as Reiner, the father she adores, is corrupted by his new position as commandant of an infamous concentration camp… Twelve years later. As the Nazi regime crumbles, Hanni hides from her father on the outskirts of Berlin. In stolen moments, she develops the photographs she took to

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Witch, Please by Anne Aguirre

There’s nothing funnier than watching a witch on the fritz try to hide that her magic has gone a little haywire.  That all of Danica’s issues are caused by an undeniable attraction to a mundane is just the icing on the cake. And what a cake he is…a rugged baker the whole town is swooning over. No one would ever suspect that he’s been cursed to be the world’s most attractive 30-something-year-old virgin!    

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Women’s Fiction/Family Drama

Magical Realism/Women’s Fiction
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