Book Review: A Wicked Kind of Husband

It was the ideal marriage of convenience…until they met


Cassandra DeWitt has seen her husband only once—on their wedding day two years earlier—and this arrangement suits her perfectly. She has no interest in the rude, badly behaved man she married only to secure her inheritance. She certainly has no interest in his ban on her going to London. Why, he’ll never even know she is there.

Until he shows up in London too, and Cassandra finds herself sharing a house with the most infuriating man in England.

Joshua DeWitt has his life exactly how he wants it. He has no need of a wife disrupting everything, especially a wife intent on reforming his behavior. He certainly has no need of a wife who is intolerably amiable, insufferably reasonable … and irresistibly kissable.

As the unlikely couple team up to battle a malicious lawsuit and launch Cassandra’s wayward sister, passion flares between them. Soon the day must come for them to part … but what if one of them wants their marriage to become real?

Hilarious, heartrending, and hot, this standalone Regency romance tells the story of a marriage of convenience between opposites.

About the Author

Mia Vincy holds degrees in English Literature and journalism, but she has managed to overcome the negative effects of this education and now writes historical romances.


A former journalist, communications specialist, and copyeditor, Mia has traveled extensively. She is now settled in Victoria, Australia, where she spends her time writing and researching.


Connect with her on Amazon, Facebook, or her website.

Our Review: 5 Stars - Excellent Read

A marriage of convenience just got inconvenient…


A Wicked Kind of Husband by Mia Vincy is a Regency Historical Novel perfectly suited to its genre. This author has given a top-notch creation in the writing of this story.

A Wicked Kind of Husband wowed readers as 2019 winner for Historical Romance-Long in the RITA Awards of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) contest where Indie writers featured prominently for the past two years. This book continues to hold this position, as the RWA will not hold their contest in 2020 and plan to use next year’s contest to celebrate 2019 and 2020 romances.


Third in the Longhope Abbey Series, this book is terrific as a standalone novel. Having never read the first two books, this one wasn’t a problem for me learning the characters and background. I was immersed in the story right from the beginning.


If it hadn’t been for her Papa’s pleading, Cassandra wouldn’t have married Mr. DeWitt. But he had, and she did, and thus secured her inheritance. It was a marriage of convenience, but after two years, she had things to do in London that necessitated her leaving the Tudor Mansion in Warwickshire. If her husband didn’t like it, that was too bad. She was confident she could stay out of his way, and thus begins an adventure that takes some hilarious, highly entertaining, and romantic turns.


The character development in this book is excellent. Cassandra’s meeting with her husband in London was fireworks and regal humor at its best and made for a fast-paced and fantastic read. I loved how Cassandra and DeWitt draw sparks off of each other in every setting. The attraction is well-written, and the depth of emotion perfect for romance lovers everywhere.


If you love the energy of London’s historical setting combined with the pomp and circumstance of young ladies coming out in the Season, this regency romance is the novel for you! The plot twists and surprises in store will not disappoint!


Without further ado, I rate this book with 5 out of 5 stars: An Excellent Read.

Verna Coy

Verna Coy

Verna lives and works as an artist, writer, and book reviewer in a remote area of Alaska.

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