Book Tour: A Review of Somebody’s Story

Every once in a while, a book comes along that surprises me. When I first started reading Somebody’s Story, I wasn’t sure what to think.  Stylistically, this book is bold. Written in first-person with all dialogue formatted like a screenplay, this book is far from what I would call traditional.

But as I continued to read, it was hard not to hear a voice similar to that of Holden Caulfied from J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. Through the eyes and POV of a teenage protagonist who calls himself Somebody, B.A. Bellec addresses some of the darker and more serious issues facing teens today: drugs, sex, fitting in, and mental health.

The characters in this book are interesting and quirky and incredibly authentic. And the interaction and topics explored had me laughing and even crying at the end. There were some passages that felt a bit too “self-aware” and thoughts of time capsules ran through my mind. But there is a brilliant Sixth Sense-like twist to the end that re-framed the entire book in a very satisfying ending.

This is the kind of book that demands discussion and would make for an excellent book club or required reading for a high school English class.

I give this book 4.5 stars for its originality and fearless foray into some many timely and important topics.

About the Author

B.A. is a first time author but has years of experience in business from various industries. He is excited to be launching his own online platform. He deals with writer’s block by walking his dog, jogging, and spending time talking to his family.


In his free time he loves a good movie or TV show. Some of his favourites recently: Better Call Saul, Survivor Season 40, Alita: Battle Angel


Connect with him on his site, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Book Blurb

In his debut endearing coming-of-age book, B.A. Bellec writes about a group of weirdos that find and save each other from the dark depths of their minds. Someone’s Story is literally Someone’s story, as in a first-person narrative of a teenager that calls himself Someone. As he struggles to find a new footing in a new space, we encounter the many ups and downs of modern teenage life, the difficulties that adjusting to adult feelings bring, and a few tear-jerking surprises along the way.

Littered with music, mental health, friendship, loss, meditation, advice, pop culture, and even inspiring an EP, there is so much nostalgia, inspiration, and depth here it is hard to absorb it all. Cozy up somewhere warm and enjoy!


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