Readers of a Feather Flock Together:

We want, no, dare we say it, we need, fiction-loving readers, especially those who have a penchant for genre fiction specifically Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA, or Contemporary Fiction.



But even more than loving a good story, we’re looking for those readers who also love to tell others about what they’ve read and who are willing to read and review at least two books a month.



We need book reviewers who are excited about writing reviews and if we’re being really honest, we want folks, who, deep down, love discovering amazing books and helping authors reach more readers. If you happen to have a feather in your cap for social media, well, good gravy, we just have to have you.



If this is you, please fill out our form below and tell us all about you. Don’t be shy. Tell us why you love the books you love. Tell us about your social media experience. Help us understand why you would be a fantastic fit for our flock! 


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