Deconstructed by Liz Talley

When you open this book, prepare to laugh. Y’all, I lost track of the number of times I laughed out loud…by chapter three!


This is a fun, flirty, scandalous read that is just hands-down hilarious. After finding out that her husband is cheating on her, Cricket has no choice but to dig in her heels and take care of herself. That she soon finds herself neck-deep wigs, fox tails, private investigators and federal agents, all while trying to keep up appearances for the PTA and the modern-day Southern gentry is the perfect recipe for self-growth and laughs.


And Ruby? She’s along for the ride, learning to forgive herself, accept her past, and build a better future. She plays the perfect side-kick for the adventure that has become Cricket’s life. That she manages to design upcycled couture dresses along the way just adds to the fun.


For the absolutely entertaining ride from the first page to the last, for lines that made me spit my wine, and an unexpected friendship between two amazing women, this book a the stilettoed and sequined five stars from me. 


Book Details

Antique-store owner Cricket Crosby’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that the rumors of her husband’s affair aren’t just leisurely southern gossip. Her plan: hire an investigator; find an attorney; enlist the help of her new assistant, Ruby; and make her husband pay.


Ruby knows how quickly everything changes. After a dicey past, she’s determined to forge a new future by working for Cricket and reinventing herself as a designer, deconstructing vintage haute couture. If anybody can help mend a few tears in Cricket’s life, she can.


But turns out Cricket’s life isn’t just a little torn. It’s wrinkled, stained, and falling apart at the seams. With Ruby and her ragtag relatives—a soused PI and a hunky tow truck driver—Cricket is sleuthing her way to the truth, no matter how dangerous it gets.


Sure, Cricket’s life isn’t what she imagined. But she’s embracing change and figuring out what she really wants. And that’s kind of fabulous.

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