Dip, Sip, & Be Fabulous

New Year’s should always be a night full of promise…but sometimes it’s just a reminder of all the things we wish we could do better. This year, Perci is making a change. This year, she’s decided to be happy.


This box includes:

  • The Do Over by Sharon M. Peterson
  • Banana Bread Candle from Fervor Candles
  • Gnome Face Masks  from My Spa Lilfe
  • Blackberry Mojito Spearmint Lime Tea from Plum Deluxe Tea
  • Heart-Shaped Tea Infuser from Plum Deluxe Tea
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Dip from Carmie’s Kitchen
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip from Carmie’s Kitchen
  • Flamingo Notebook from Bruno Visconti
  • A themed bookmark

Plus, for each box purchased we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to Elijah’s Retreat, a non-profit that nurtures attachment for families facing autism through outdoor adventure and the interaction with therapeutic animals.  


The Do Over

Sharon M. Peterson


“Look, you’re a nice girl but I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” The voicemail ends and I freeze in the dentist’s chair as I realize… I’ve just been dumped on live radio.


It took the most humiliating break-up for me to see that my life is in serious need of a do-over. Cue my anti New Year’s resolutions that even I can’t fail at:


   1. Stop dating. (Men are the worst.)

   2. Stop trying to lose weight. (I’m never giving up chocolate.)

   3. Stop working so hard. (Selling mortgages is not my dream career.)

   4. Stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. (Start living my best life.)

   5. Stop trying to please my mother. (It’s not possible.)


But it turns out number five is harder than I thought, as she begins her campaign to get me back with my ex. So, what’s the perfect solution to keep her out of my love life? An imaginary boyfriend—at least he was supposed to be imaginary until I blurted out my neighbor’s name…


Nate, the bad boy next door with gorgeous hazel eyes, a razor-sharp jawline and a mysterious scar, might be hot, but he’s definitely not my boyfriend. Now all I need to do is stick to my resolutions while also keeping my interfering family away from my non-existent lover who has no idea that we’re fake dating. What could possibly go wrong?


Genre: Romantic Comedy

Published: August 2022

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