Flock Approved Romance: Finding Edward

We couldn’t be happier to announce our first Flock Approved title is a fantastic romance novel about a boy just trying to find himself while falling in love! Finding Edward is a sweet-with-just-a-little-heat romance earned a 4.5 star average from our flock members. This is a perfect summer read!

About the book

When Edward’s beloved grandmother dies, she doesn’t just leave behind money. His inheritance includes a father in Italy he never knew he had.


Now he’s forced to navigate a country he doesn’t know, using a language he doesn’t speak, in search of a man who has no clue Edward even exists.


He’s expecting disappointment, he’s expecting anger, he’s expecting pain. But what Edward isn’t expecting is to stumble across the one woman to ever steal his heart … the one woman he can never have.


Edward’s past and future collide, leaving him more lost — and more alive than he’s ever felt before.

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  • Two winners will receive a digital copy of Finding Edward
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Flock Reviews

Lauren Graves

Lauren Graves

Lauren is a full-time freelance writer by day and a self-proclaimed literature aficionado by night.

Finding Edward by Suzanne McKenna Link is a thoughtful novel offering more depth and meaning than your average romance. There were things I didn’t love about this book, but for the most part, it was a great read and I’d recommend it.

Rating: 4 stars

Verna Coy

Verna Coy

Verna lives and works as an artist, writer, and book reviewer in a remote area of Alaska.

Finding Edward is a romance with a hint of mystery. Combined with drama that spans generations of a family, this book is sure to entertain! Readers who like a bit of drama, conflict and the story of generations of a family will enjoy this entertaining story. 


Rating: 5 stars

Veronica Jorden

Veronica Jorden

Writer. Fact lover. Cupcake baker. I plot the apocalypse and then invent ways to survive it.

Reading this book, you can feel the warm Italian breeze on your face, smell the food, see the sparkling blue waters. And you can feel the love. Eddie gets on a plane unsure of just about everything and he finds love, family, and his purpose.


Rating: 5 stars

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