Is your book good enough to tickle our feathers?

We’re on the hunt for fantastic books to feature, but we only feature books we love.

And because we know there are tons of amazing books out there with amazing authors that deserve a little spot light, we want to do our part to make sure those books get a little love!  So if your book is stellar and you think our flock will want to squawk all about it, here’s what to do:


Submit your cover, blurb, and link to your book with preview on Amazon in the form below.


We’ll select a winner each month for editorial review complete with all the Fiction Flock Perks!


We accept ARCs and published titles in the following genres: Romance (no erotica), YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Contemporary.

Don’t want to wait for the contest? Check out our summer special!


What are the Flock Approved Perks?

If your book earns an average of 3 stars or better from our three Flock Member reviews, it will achieve Flock Approved Status!

Flock Approved Books are:

  • Mentioned on a FB Live session
  • Displayed on our Flock Approved page along with buy links
  • Shared for a two-week period on our social media channels
  • Featured in our weekly newsletter
  • Plus, we’ll also:

  • Give you a nifty “Flock Approved” banner for your website or book cover
  • Invite the author to be a guest blogger
  • Sponsor a Book & Goodies giveaway for your book!
  • If Selected for Review…

    If your book is selected, you will need to send a digital copy of your book for our flock members to read.


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