Free Love & Misperceptions

Phronsie is just about to give up on love. And who can blame her? If her family is any indicator, love is reserved for characters in storybooks. But maybe, just maybe, if she’s brave enough to face the truth, she’ll discover it is absolutely worth waiting for.



This box includes:


  • The Magic of Found Objects by Maddie Dawson
  • Call Your Mother Candle from The Coin Laundry
  • Wooden Sunflower Coaster Set  from CroBrossing
  • VW Love Bus Air Freshener from FreshFresheners
  • Chocolate Caramel Popcorn Seasoning from Dell Cove Spices
  • LOVE Vinyl Sticker from Fly Paper Products


Plus, for each box purchased we’ll donate a portion of th profits to Strong Women Strong Girls, a non-profit empowering girls to imagine a broader future.


The MAgic Of Found Objects

by Maddie Dawson

The Magic of Found Objects

by Maddie Dawson

Phronsie Linnelle was conceived at Woodstock in a serendipitous liaison between a free-spirited hippie and a farmer’s son and was born with magical wonder flickering in her DNA and rationality knit into her bones. All her life she’s been torn between the two. But now that she’s been betrayed by both love and the mother she once idolized, her rational side is winning.


So when her best friend from childhood proposes that they give up on romance and marry each other, Phronsie agrees. Who better to spend your life with than your best friend? Maybe the connection they already have is love. Maybe there’s no falling to be done. But immediately after they announce their engagement, she encounters someone who makes a very charming and compelling argument for revisiting romance.


While her even-keeled stepmother argues for the safety that comes with her new engagement and her mother relays messages from the universe to hold out for true love, Phronsie must look to her own heart to find the answers that have been there all along.

Published: August 2021

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