From Venice to Tahiti

A Characters & Candles Box

Love is often a complicated, messy, painful, wonderful, romantic, passionate thing, isn’t it? 

It absolutely looks different at twenty than it does at 30. Or 40. And if you suddenly find yourself famous while trying to figure yourself out, you might, like the protagonist Ann Fawkes does in this book, also find yourself battling to hold onto the one man and the one love that you know at your core you were meant to have.

In the form of an interview between Ann and a young podcast reporter (who has an unexpected connection to Ann’s life), this book will take you on all the emotional ups and downs you’d expect with a tumultuous love affair that spans the globe and decades of Ann’s life. 

  • Dual story arcs
  • Great tension & attraction
  • Global settings
  • Excellent character development
  • Julianne MacLean and Kristin Hannah
  • Contemporary romance with travel themes
  • Multiple POV and storylines


What's Inside This Box?

The Book

Forty years ago, aspiring writer Ann Fawkes left the United States for a Mediterranean adventure that opened her heart to travel and love. After a chance encounter propelled her into the publishing world, she released her first novel, an instant bestseller—and the last book she ever wrote.

Now, Ann lives a reclusive life in the San Juan Islands, hiding from the public and its probing questions. But when podcaster Maggie Whitaker convinces Ann to sit for an interview, Ann agrees on one condition: Maggie must keep her story off the record.

Determined to change Ann’s mind before she loses her job, Maggie agrees. But as she learns about Ann’s life—particularly the love affair that inspired her novel and the decisions she made in its wake—Maggie realizes Ann’s story intersects with her own in shocking, life-changing ways.

Genre: Literary Romance

Published: April 2023

The Story-Inspired Goodies

Plumeria Candle

When Ann arrives in Tahiti, she notes the scent of Plumeria. Light this candle and be transported to a tropical paradise.

Watercolor Heart Card Kit

Ashes & Arbor

All the characters in this book wear their heart on their sleeve. This fun watercolor card kit is a nod to their vulnerability.

Pistachio Cherry Sablé

In Italy, Ann introduces Todd to the wonder that is gelato. One flavor she recommends? Pistachio, of course!

Tomato Bruschetta Bread Oil Seasoning

A classic Italian appetizer, this delicious bread oil seasoning isn’t quite like sitting in an open-air café in Rome, but it’s close!

Citrus Foot Soak

The Greek Isles smell of sea salt and citrus…much like a couple of the men in Ann’s life. A foot soak and a fictional boyfriend that smells like this? We’ll take it.

Wanderlust Vinyl Sticker

There is no better word than wanderlust to describe the feeling that can only come with exploration. This sticker is your reminder to never stop exploring the world around you.

The Good Cause

We will donate a portion of the profits of this box to Minga, a non-profit organization promoting sustainable change for indigenous women and their communities throughout the Peruvian Amazon since 1998. Their mission is to strengthen leaders, organizations, and social networks representing the most marginalized communities of Latin America and the Caribbean to collaboratively build social justice with gender equity, environmental stewardship, and cultural identity.

Their vision is to help build cohesive communities, thriving local and international networks, and government systems working collaboratively to advance human rights in ways that are inclusive, equitable, and protective of the environment.