Glass of Truth

A Characters & Candles Box

No one gets to pick the cards they are dealt in this life. Some get all the butterflies and rainbows, and others are swept away by devastating events that change their lives forever.

Arden Maynor has a childhood she wants to forget. She’s moved towns, changed her name, and finally started to feel good in her skin…but it’s all starting to happen again. The sleepwalking, the paranoia, and someone from her past life is watching her. 

This book is a brilliant who-done-it with a little bit of thriller vibe mixed in. You’ll suspect everyone and never see the ending coming.

  • Everyone looks guilty
  • Flashbacks that help you put it all together
  • Great voice and tension
  • An totally satisfying surprise ending.
  • Paula Hawkins, Liane Moriarty, and Lisa Jewell
  • Thrillers that aren’t too intense
  • Figuring it out along with the protagonist


What's Inside This Box?

The Book

Everyone knows the story of “the girl from Widow Hills.”

Arden Maynor was just a child when she was swept away while sleepwalking during a terrifying rainstorm and went missing for days. Strangers and friends, neighbors and rescue workers, set up search parties and help vigils, praying for her safe return. Against all odds, she was found, alive, clinging to a storm drain. The girl from Widow Hills was a living miracle. Arden’s mother wrote a book. Fame followed. Fans and fan letters, creeps, and stalkers. And every year, the anniversary. It all became too much. As soon as she was old enough, Arden changed her name and disappeared from the public eye.

Now a young woman living hundreds of miles away, Arden goes by Olivia. She’s managed to stay off the radar for the last few years. But with the twentieth anniversary of her rescue approaching, the media will inevitably renew its interest in Arden. Where is she now? Soon Olivia feels like she’s being watched and begins sleepwalking again, like she did long ago, even waking up outside her home. Until late one night, she jolts awake in her yard. At her feet is the corpse of a man she knows—from her previous life, as Arden Maynor.


Genre: Mystery Thriller

Published: June 2020

The Story-Inspired Goodies

Summer Sangria

Olivia likes to end her night with a little wine. And nothing says summer and wine like a little sangria.

Mimosa Jelly Beans

At various points, Olivia’s friends make sure she’s had breakfast…and nothing takes the edge off in the morning like a mimosa.

Cafe Noir Scrubby Bar

Olivia and Bennett work in a hospital. Handwashing and coffee are just part of the job.

Coconut & Sea Salt Drinking Chocolate

As a child, Olivia’s mom would make her hot chocolate to soothe her nerves. Make it cold instead, and you’ve got the perfect summer drink for this book!

Raspberry Lemonade Tinted Lip Balm

The reporter who covered the catastrophic event in Olivia’s childhood is wary but polite. She offers a glass of truth along with some lemonade.

The Good Cause

We will donate a portion of the profits of this box to ShelterBox, a non-profit working to build awareness of global displacement and to facilitate providing families with life-saving shelter and essential tools and supplies that will enable them to rebuild their homes and transform their lives after disaster.

Meet the Author

Megan Miranda is the New York Times bestselling author of All the Missing GirlsThe Perfect StrangerThe Last House Guest, a Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick; The Girl from Widow HillsSuch a Quiet Place; and The Last to Vanish.


She has also written several books for young adults. She grew up in New Jersey, graduated from MIT, and lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children. Follow @MeganLMiranda on Twitter and Instagram, @AuthorMeganMiranda on Facebook, or visit


Her next book, The Only Survivors, was released on April 11, 2023, from Scribner/Marysue Rucci Books.

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