Characters and Candles Box: The Scent Keeper


This Characters & Candles box comes with a soft-cover copy of The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister, plus two 4 oz candles from the Bridge Nine Candle Company. Scents of the Pacific Ocean with hints of citrus and seas salt and the warm spicy comfort of cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamom bring this story to life. (Each candle has 20-hours of burn time.)


Each box also includes:


  • “Expand the Experience” insert chock full of recipes and fun facts inspired by the book.
  • A reusable page corner bookmark from The Bookmark Novelist.


What We Love About This Book: Science has proved that scents can evoke feelings and this book delights and explores in that very idea. The main character thought her life was simple. She lives on an island with her father, isolated from the rest of the world. But the world is too small to stay isolated for long. This book explores the wonder and fear that comes when everything changes, the challenges of self discovery, and the power of scents to create and shape our memories.


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About the Author

Erica Bauermeister is the bestselling author of the four novels including The Scent Keeper (Reese’s Book Club pick for Feb. 2020), The School of Essential Ingredients (Pennie’s Pick july, 2019), Joy for Beginners, and The Lost Art of Mixing. Her memoir-in-essays, House Lessons, will be published in March of 2020. Erica Bauermeister is also the co-author of two guides to books: 500 Great Books by Women and Let’s Hear It For the Girls. She lives in Port Townsend, WA and loves to talk with book groups.

About the Artisan

Bridge Nine Candle Co. was born in the North Portland community of Portland, OR. The iconic St Johns Bridge, the ninth major bridge on the Willamette river, was the inspiration for our simple and distinctive branding. Since the beginning, our vision has been to create candles based on simplicity and sustainability for your everyday lifestyle. Each candle is hand poured using all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and fragrance oils. Our candle components are purposeful. We use soy wax, a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans, because it is a renewable resource grown on American soil. It is also clean-burning and slow-burning. We use cotton wicks that will require trimming to ensure that our candles burn clean and scent each candle with high grade fragrance and essential oils. Each candles scent will last the entire burn.

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