This Characters & Candles box comes with a soft-cover copy of Heart Land, a sweet romance by Kimberly Stuart, plus three 12-hour candles from The Happy Lotus in scents curated specifically for this book


  • Waffles In the Morning: hints of lemon, amber, sweet vanilla and tobacco.
  • Sweater Weather: A smoky wooded base with cinnamon, clove, leather, vanilla bean, caramel & almond.
  • Clothesline: patchouli, parsley leaf and natural orange essential oils.


Each box also includes:

  • “Expand the Experience” insert chock full of recipes and fun facts inspired by the book.
  • A reusable page corner bookmark from The Bookmark Novelist.


What We Love About This Book: They say you can’t go home, and most of the time that’s true. But sometimes, if luck and fate are on your side, the best of what you left behind is still there waiting. This book partners the one that almost-got-away with a dream-job come true. This sweet romance has a main character you can’t help but root for, a cast of supporting characters that will make you want to move to Iowa, and the kind of love that comes just once in a lifetime.

Retail Value: $34

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This Box Supports...

1 amazing author and a wonderful candle artisan.

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