This Characters & Candles box comes with a soft-cover copy of Before and Again by Barbara Delinsky, plus three 4 oz candles from the amazing artisans at Green Daffodil. Candle scents in this box include: Spa Day, Lemon Verbena, and Cucumber Mint.  (Each candle has 20-25 hours of burn time.)


Each box also includes:


  • “Expand the Experience” mini-magazine insert chock full of recipes and fun facts inspired by the book.
  • A page clip and magnetic bookmark set
  • A lemon verbena sachet
  • A wooden owl keychain
  • Plus, we’ll donate $5 to Uplift ( to help women in crisis.


What We Love About This Book: Love is the most powerful force in the universe. No matter the challenges, no matter the distance, love, if it is meant to be, will find a way. This book tells the story of woman trying to recover from the worst day of her life. To do that, she shuts out everything from her past…including her family. But hiding is never the answer. And the only way to break through the darkness is to learn to forgive and love yourself.

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This Box Supports...

1 amazing author, 1 fantastic non-profit, and an amazing candle artisan.

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