This Characters & Candles box comes with a soft-cover copy of The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton, plus three 4-ounce candles from the amazing artisans at Green Daffodil. Candle scents in this box include: Lavender, Lilac, and Leather Bound.  (Each candle has 20-25 hours of burn time.)


Each box also includes:

  • “Expand the Experience” mini-magazine insert chock full of recipes and fun facts inspired by the book.
  • A page clip and magnetic bookmark set
  • A Fresh Linen Sachet
  • A wooden owl keychain
  • Plus, we’ll donate $5 to Uplift ( to help women in crisis.


What We Love About This Book: We loved the unfolding of a mystery and the masterful multi-perspective storytelling. This story will take you to London and through time. Plus, it features several strong female characters, each with her own struggles. There are themes of love, betrayal, enlightenment, and wonder. This is a sophisticated story that kept us turning page after page.



5 in stock

This Box Supports...

1 amazing author, 1 fantastic non-profit, and an amazing candle artisan.

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