Stormy Skies & Salty Seas

In the hunt for a treasure and the truth, two families and local lore collide. Revenge is in the air, but the true threat isn’t always as obvious as it seems. 


This box includes:

  • The Water Witch by Jessica Thorne
  • Atlantic Candle from Ethics Supply Company
  • Sea Glass Bath Bomb from Evolve Botanica
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies from Michel et Augustin
  • Ocean Life Notecard Set from Twig Paper
  • Mermaid Scale Hair Pins from All Up In the Hair
  • Apple Cider Lip Balm from Sister Bees
  • A Sky & Sea themed bookmark


Plus, for each box purchased we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to Maritime Archaeological Society, a non-profit with a mission to seek out, investigate, and document shipwrecks and other maritime archaeological sites; conserve artifacts from those sites, when appropriate; and educate the public in areas of maritime cultural heritage, historic shipwreck preservation, and the science of maritime archaeology.


The Water Witch

Jessica Thorne


Present day, France. Archaeologist Ariadne Walker has always loved Brittany’s steep cliffs, crashing waves and endless shifting skies. But she’s left devastated when her fiancé Simon drowns on a dig searching underwater for the lost city of Ys. Local legend says it was destroyed centuries ago: and that the water witch, once the princess of Ys, still drowns the men of this region in revenge…

Escaping the old myths and stories, grieving Ariadne is walking on the heather-strewn cliffs on a stormy night when she’s approached by a mysterious masked figure. As he removes the mask Ariadne’s heart almost stops beating. She sees a glimpse of Simon’s face before he disappears, laughing, into the waves below.

Only Rafael – a local whose family have lived here for centuries – has answers. He says the water witch has doomed Simon’s soul to become her servant, forever wandering the rugged shoreline. She will soon claim Rafael too. The only way to save them both is to find the lost city, where the secret to breaking the curse is hidden…

Thrown into a magical underwater world of lost treasures, ancient promises, and dangerous betrayals, will Ariadne find a way to finally break the curse? Or will the water witch demand another sacrifice?


Genre: Mythology/Paranormal

Published: August 2022

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