Sunshine & Basil

A Fiction Flock Box

Sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong, all you can do is make a plan and stick to it. And if that plan happens to include moving to France and fixing up a beautiful old French farmhouse complete with greenhouse and handsome neighborly carpenter, well, all the better. 

This book allowed me to live vicariously through a main character who has every right to just give up and throw herself a pity party. But instead, she digs in and finds a little courage and then what at first appears to be another mistake, turns into a dream she never knew she wanted.

With beautiful imagery, and an herbaceousness you can practically smell in the pages, this is a story of new beginnings, reconnection, taking changes, and hope.

  • It’s set mostly in a big ol’ farmhouse and features a semi-magical greenhouse
  • It shows how a mix of old and new ideas coming together can create something truly special
  • A friendship that forms despite all attempts to prevent it
  • A small town fighting to stay alive 
  • Heather Webber, Amy E. Richert, and Rachel Linden
  • Stories that feature love and a little magic like Chocolat and Under the Tuscan Sun
  • Fearless women who aren’t afraid to work and take chances


What's Inside This Box?

The Book

Food critic Tempèsta Luddington has always felt like the odd person out in her family, ever since she lost her beloved mother at the tender age of thirteen. When her workaholic father passes fifteen years later, Tempèsta is not surprised that the majority of the considerable family money will pass to her dutiful younger brother, Wal. Still, she is left a modest remembrance from her mother, and for the first time Tempèsta has a world of choices before her.

Lost in grief and hoping to reconnect with her memories and her mother’s past, she uses the money to buy a ramshackle manor house in Sainte-Colombe, a small village in Provence, where her mother had grown up. But she is greeted with more questions than answers. Her welcome, especially by the town’s stodgy mayor, is cold at best, and she finds herself wondering if the entire experiment was a mistake.

Yet she stays, stubbornly sticking it out, slowly learning that her mother’s legacy was more than just a nest egg. Through her mother and the village, Tempèsta learns the value of community and friendship, the importance of self-confidence, and the power of love and trust. What’s more, she sees for herself that there is magic and beauty in the everyday—even something as simple as a sprig of lavender and sage.

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Magical Realism

Published: March 2024

The Story-Inspired Goodies

Lemon Lavender Scone Mix

Dr. Pete’s Foods

Provence is known for its lavender fields. Add that to the bright citrus in this delicious scone mix and you are just minutes away from a tasty treat we’re sure Tempy would approve of.

Garden in a Bag - Basil

Potting Shed Creations

At the town gatherings, Tempy makes a solid first impression with her delicious pesto. Add a little water and sunshine to this garden in a bag, and in just a few weeks, you can make your own.

Beautiful Morning Car Diffuser

Sweet Vale Creations

With the scent of lavender, apple mint, and invigorating citrus along with a bit of cucumber and bright, fresh cut melon, we imagine this is exactly what Tempy’s greenhouse must smell like.

Passion Fruit Margarita Mix

Noble Mick’s

After a couple of margaritas, Tiberi wonders if Tempy has slipped a love potion into his drink. And if we had to guess what a love potion tasted like, we’d guess it’d be something like this.

Watermelon Mint Margarita Mix

Noble Mick’s

Watermelon mint might be the most summery margarita ever. The perfect little something special with a light summer dinner, or a to kick off a date night. You choose.

The Good Cause

We will donate a portion of the profits of this box to Herbalist Without Borders, a nonprofit member network of herbalists, medicinal plant growers, herbal educators, alternative holistic modality practitioners and others dedicated to herbal health access for all, medicinal plant conservation, health justice and more.

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