What’s New This Week: July 10th Edition


Once We Were by Lisa Southwick

Genre: Action/Thriller/Superhero

A diverse group of ordinary people find themselves with extraordinary new abilities. Abilities that could change the world. Abilities that are feared, even by those who wield them. One woman, empowered with these extraordinary abilities, is given the impossible task of telling the heroes from the villains in a world of fear, suspicion, and betrayal. Her failure could mean a war that would destroy them all. Join her and her group of renegades as they navigate power, politics, and unexpected bonds to find their place in a changed world.

dawn caravan

Dawn Caravan by Elizabeth Hunter

Genre: Paranormal Romance

For Ben Vecchio, everything has changed. His eyes. His diet. His new aversion to sunlight. But after a long sojourn in China, Ben realizes that the world he left behind hasn’t changed as much as he feared. He wants to leave his old life in the past, there’s one job remaining that just won’t leave him alone.


Radu’s mystery is too interesting—and too profitable—to ignore. The problem? Taking on this commission puts Ben in the path of his old partner, the one woman he’s spent years avoiding.

Tenzin has been following Ben at a distance, hoping his ire might wane, but when he heads to Romania, her patience runs out. Ben is a new power in their world, and more than one vampire will be eager to test him.


Ben and Tenzin need to work together if they want to find the truth behind Radu, his mysterious clan, and the treasure at the heart of the Dawn Caravan. One last job, then it’s finished between them.




Possessions by K.R. Jones

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Detective Martha Willis and her partner, Detective Nick Hardy, find themselves working a case after a young woman is found in a back alley in London, naked and beaten. Detective Martha Willis is determined to uncover what happened to the victim in the lead up to her murder. The case forces Martha to embark on her own past to stop her clouded judgment. In the meantime, someone else has a close eye on the detective.


dark enchantress

Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress by Christine E. Schulze

Genre: YA Christian Fantasy

“Are you afraid?”


Emma has more reason to fear than at any other time in her life, even while facing her father’s drunken rampages. She’s surrounded by hundreds of vampires—and yet, she’s not afraid in the least. After all, her best friend Aaryn is also a vampire, and his clan are Stregoni Benefici, vampires committed to doing no harm.


Emma herself is no ordinary Forest-footer Elf. She’s a golden healer, and she alone can save the Stregoni Benefici from the dark enchantress threatening them. Can Emma learn how to defeat the harmful vampires without destroying the good ones? Can she unravel the secret Aaryn keeps so carefully guarded and show him he’s capable of being loved and forgiven?

The Cursed Witch

The Cursed Witch by Chandelle LaVaun

Genre: YA Fantasy

What is magic?

My name is Saraphina Proctor…and that’s the only thing I can remember.


I woke up alone, surrounded by darkness with no memory. No one here knows who I am, I don’t fit any of the missing persons reports, and the doctors can’t find a single thing wrong with me…my memory…my life…they’re just…gone.


But something lurks in the shadows in Salem, watching me…waiting. I feel its eyes on my back and my name whispered in the wind. Even in the light of day the friendly smiles around town put me on edge.


Someone isn’t telling me the truth but I will find out what happened to me…and I think Riah knows more than his pretty mouth is telling me. There’s a story in those golden eyes of his, now I just need to get close enough to him to find out…


*Disclaimer: Fae Magic is Season Three in The Coven Series. It can be read as a standalone but is best to be read after Season One – Elemental Magic and Season Two Academy Magic.

Follow the Moon by Herm Rawlings

Genre: Mystery/Adventure

Four long-time friends take what they think will be a relaxing trip out to sea. Above them, solitary stranger pilots what should be a routine flight. Back on land, two star-crossed lovers struggle to restart their lives. And on a mystical island, a grandfather and grandson walk their path of fate. The characters of Follow the Moon are all about to encounter the same mysterious phenomenon that first appeared in Herm Rawlings’s thrilling debut book, Family Tradition. Their lives will never be the same.

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