What is Fiction Flock?

Fiction Flock was created for fiction-loving, get-lost-in-a-story kind of readers. We’re on a mission to discover the best new fiction titles on the market and then tell e’rybody about the ones we love in a variety of ways:  
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  • Book Reviews
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  •   We feature books from indie authors and traditional publishers alike. If the story is good, we want to read it. And if it’s really good, we want to tell the world about it.
    “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

    -Phillip Pullman
    Veronica Jorden - Founder

    With the exception of my family, there is nothing I love more than a good story. Growing up a military brat, the one thing that always helped to keep me grounded and connected was my collection of books. I’ve lost count of the hours spent gallivanting through my imagination with a cast of crazy characters or lost in some kind of amazing adventure in lands yet undiscovered or far away.



    I started this community to help recreate the fun and excitement I always felt when I browsed through library shelves and discovered my next great adventure. Too many of us have forgotten how much fun this hobby can be. It’s more than time for us to remember.


    And in founding Fiction Flock, I hope to give a platform to some of the amazing authors out there who are navigating an ever-changing publishing landscape. There are more books than we could ever read in a dozen lifetimes, but so few are worth staying up late for to read that final chapter or telling the world about. But for those stories worth the effort, I offer authors a spotlight and a chance to connect with readers, and for my fellow readers, I offer you books to fall in love with and get lost in.

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