Give Your Book
the Box Treatment!

Our custom promo boxes are inspired by your story so your readers get an outrageously positive, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable reading experience.

Give Your Book
the Box Treatment!

Our custom promo boxes are inspired by your story so your readers get an outrageously positive, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable reading experience.

One of the hardest, and most time-consuming things an author has to do is build their audience.

Growing an audience and building buzz are key to a successful book launch and consistent book sales. But with so many authors yelling “BUY MY BOOK!” and with literally thousands upon thousands of books to choose from, how is a reader to choose? 

Stand Out , Grow Your list, & Sell More Books

A Reading Experience Box, as a part of a targeted and strategic launch or marketing plan, will get readers, bloggers, and influencers excited and talking about your book. 

Adding a giveaway with a Reading Experience Box as a prize, is a fantastic way to quickly and efficiently grow your email list and social media following. We’ve seen it happen. We grew our own email list by more than 800 new subscribers with just a single giveaway and regularly use giveaways to continue to grow our list and expand our reach on social media.

Who We Work With

As much as we love to read across genres, when it comes to curating boxes, our expertise and marketing prowess fall into an eclectic but specific range of genres. And because we want to provide the best value to the clients we serve with the power of our growing audience behind us, we typically prefer to work with the following genres:

  • Women’s Fiction
  • Magical Realism & Some Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Literary Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Romance (no erotica)
  • Mystery & Psychological Thrillers
  • Memoirs & Humor
We are happy to discuss the creation of boxes outside of these genres but our giveaway services are only open to our preferred genres

What's Included in our Promo Packages?

Curated Boxes of Story-Inspired Goodies

We source all of our goodies from small businesses and curate every item based on inspiration from your book. The number of goodies depends on the package. Our Starter Packages typically include 1-3 story-inspired goodies, with additional goodies added to our Signature & Deluxe Packages.

Custom-Designed & Coordinated Inserts

We give all of our boxes a name and then design the product brochure, thank you card, bookmark, & box label to coordinate with that theme and each other.

Packaging Materials & Shipping

Pricing on all of our packages includes packing materials like the box itself, tissue paper shred and shipping to any US-based and/or APO (when allowed) addresses. You tell us where to ship it, and we’ll send it out via USPS or UPS.

Upgrade to a Signature Package ...

Upgrade from our Starter Package to a Signature Package and we’ll add more goodies to your box and additional “Note from the Author” and a Story-Inspired Drink or Food Recipe Inserts.

Upgrade to a Deluxe Package...

Upgrade from our Signature Package to our Deluxe Package and we’ll add even more goodies to your box and a donation to your favorite 501(c)3 Non-profit or other story-inspired good cause.

Add a Giveaway To Any Package

A giveaway with a promo box as a prize is a fantastic way to jumpstart an email list and increase social media followers. We manage every aspect of the giveaway, so you don’t have to worry about updating your website or creating posts or imagery. 

Basic Giveaway

  • Dedicated Landing Page for Email Entry
  • Email Blast to Fiction Flock Mailing List
  • Listing on Fiction Flock Giveaway Page
  • Winner Selection and Contact
  • Winner Announcement Email with “Buy My Book” Links

Upgraded Giveaway

  • Everything in the Basic Giveaway, plus…
  • Social Media Copy, Imagery, & Entry Options

Premium Giveaway

  • Everything in the Upgraded Giveaway, plus…
  • Automated thank you & welcome sequence for all entries
  • FB & IG Giveaway Ad Campaign

Our Process

We know exactly how much time, effort, and passion it takes to write and publish a book, and that most authors would prefer to spend their time writing, not marketing, so we’ve done our best to make this process super simple.

~ Phase One ~

Choose the promo box package that works for you and your budget. We strive to offer options for a variety of budgets. Add a giveaway if you’re so inclined. If none of our current packages work for you, use the form at the bottom of this page to request a custom quote and tell us what you have in mind.

 Once you complete your purchase, watch your inbox for details on how to submit your book to us or complete our inspiration questionnaire so we can begin the curation & proposal process.

~ Phase Two ~

Within 10 business days, we’ll send you a proposal with all the details for your box, including a list of curated goodie options and a timeline for completion. Want to make a change or add an item? Just let us know and we’ll work with you to create your perfect box.

Once we have your thumbs up, we’ll procure all your goodies and begin work designing your custom inserts.  Typical turnaround time from approval to completed boxes is 14 days, but occasionally items may take longer to arrive. We will keep you informed and up-to-date if there are any delays.

~ Phase Three ~

Once all of your goodies arrive, we’ll create an assembled box graphic similar to those found on our site, perfect for social media and email marketing and promotion. If you’ve added a giveaway, we’ll create the landing page and/or social media content. 

Then, we’ll hand-pack each box to ensure it arrives safely to your recipient(s). When you are ready, or when your giveaway is over, you tell us where you want the boxes to go, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Promo Box & Giveaway Packages

STarter Package

  • One (1) custom-curated Promotion Box with 1-3 story-inspired goodies
  • Custom Brochure, Bookmark, & Thank You Card
  • Custom Box Label
  • Box Graphics & Imagery
  • Packaging & Shipping 


Signature Package

  • Three (3) custom-curated Promotion Box with 2-4 story-inspired goodies
  • Custom Brochure, Bookmark, & Thank You Card
  • Additional “Note from the Author” & Story-Inspired Drink/Recipe Insert
  • Custom Box Label
  • Box Graphics & Imagery
  • Packaging & Shipping


Deluxe Package

  • Six (6) custom-curated Promotion Box with 3-5 story-inspired goodies
  • Custom Brochure, Bookmark, & Thank You Card
  • Additional “Note from the Author” & Story-Inspired Drink/Recipe Insert
  • Donation to a Good Cause
  • Custom Box Label
  • Box Graphics & Imagery
  • Packaging & Shipping


Add Basic Giveaway + $60

Add Upgraded Giveaway +$90

Add Premium Giveaway + $150


We work with a variety of genres including Women's Fiction, Magical Realism & Some Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance (no erotica), Mystery & Psychological Thrillers, Memoirs & Humor.

We will consider creating boxes outside of these genres, however our giveaway services are only available for our preferred genres.

Absolutely. We are love collaborating with traditional and indie authors alike.

A typical timeline is about four weeks from the time we receive a copy of your book or inspiration questionnaire until boxes are ready to ship. 

When sending physical copies. we can include paperback or hardback books so long as they are no bigger than 10" x 7".  We can make accommodations for larger books, but it may affect the final package price.

At this time, we do not ship internationally. We ship within the US and most APO addresses.


The cost per box includes shipping. Because we ship using cubic inches, that cost does not change whether we ship a physical book or a digital download link. However, if the size of the book and goodies exceeds our regular box sizes, the final package price may need to be adjusted. 

Yes! We accept digital copies both for us to read to build your boxes, and to include in the boxes themselves. Digital copies in the boxes must be in the form of an Amazon Gift link, a Book Funnel download link, or download link from another reputable site. We will create a separate insert with link/QR code to the download in each box.

We source all of our goodies from small businesses. Most are US based, but we often work with small businesses in Canada and Europe. The vast majority of the business we work with are owned by women.

Absolutely! Who knows your book better than you? We are happy to collaborate with authors/publishers on ideas for items in the box and will do our best to accommodate those ideas. 

Perhaps. Depending on the genre of your book, we may be interested in offering your book to our readers. However, there is no option to "buy-in" to our subscription or our box store. But, if we happen to fall in love with your book, we may reach out to you to work out the details for including your box in our store.

It depends. We strive to offer a variety of options to fit most budgets, but we would hate to miss out on the chance to work with a great author and fantastic book because of budget constraints.

Use our custom quote form at the bottom of this page and tell us what you have in mind.

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