Small Biz Spotlight: Fervor Candles

If you’re new to Fiction Flock, you may not realize how much I love a good scented candle. I’ve been known to buy them in bulk, like toilet paper.  If I find a scent and a price that makes me happy, I stock up.


Recently, I’ve featured Cincinnati-based Fervor Candles in several boxes because their candles are the kind I love to horde. They come in a reusable tin or glass jar, are a great value for the quality and variety of scents they offer, and I love the story behind the company.


When owner, Laura, was stuck at home with her favorite pup, Kingston, due to the COVID pandemic, she was alarmed to discover that the scented candles she loved to burn caused her beloved pup to suffer from some horrible seizures. As a dog mama to to little fur babies myself, I can’t even imagine how scary this would have been.  Look at his adorably sweet smoochy-poochy face!


After some research, Laura learned that soy wax and the right fragrances didn’t contain all the harmful ingredients and additives that made them so dangerous for her dog and Fervor Candles were born. Now they have so many amazing scents as well as a whole line of bath and body products too.


I’ve been over the moon with the quality of Fervor Candles. The scents are amazing and each candle is sprinkled with a little bit of fire-safe glitter. I mean, who doesn’t need a little extra sparkle in their life?

Company: Fervor Candles

Location: Cincinnati, OH



Fervor Candle Company was founded by Laura who saw a need for safe and natural home fragrance options. As a pet owner and animal lover, she was frustrated by the lack of options for non-toxic and pet-friendly candles that didn’t sacrifice scent quality or performance.



As women-owned and operated, we are dedicated to providing pet-friendly and safe home fragrance options for families everywhere. All of our candles are made from clean burning 100% natural soy wax, free from harmful ingredients and additives. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the warmth and comfort of candles without sacrificing the health and well-being of their family and pets. We are committed to providing you with the best possible products, knowledge, and customer service so that you can confidently bring the cozy, comfortable, and natural fragrance of our candles into your home.

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