Wildly Enough: When a Goodie Gives You a Boost

As you might imagine, deliveries are a regular occurrence around here. In addition to boxes of books (don’t you just get giddy-goosebumps when you read that?), all the goodies for our book boxes come right to my door. I am regularly amazed and impressed with the creativity and quality of the goodies that show up on my front porch. They help bring the book in the box to life and create a tangible connection to the story. But sometimes a small biz goes above and beyond and sends something that not only connects with the story but makes me, a fellow small biz owner, feel appreciated.



This adorable library card to-do list pad is from Wildly Enough. It fits so perfectly in our April box – The Little Library of Love & Longing. It’s practical, a little bit vintage, and it’s exactly the kind of thing I imagine we’d find on Myra Malone’s desk, right next to a set of tiny paintbrushes and extra cans of teeny-tiny Vienna sausages. 



But the box from Wildly Enough included a little extra surprise for me, and if I’m being honest, I teared up when I saw them. 



It’s hard to talk about sometimes, but I, like many people, struggle with depression and low-self esteem. I am working hard to find my happy this year, but every once in a while I have a particularly low day. Such was the case when this box showed up. And what a lift to my tired soul to see this beautiful thank you card and these adorable stickers. The message was just what I needed to hear, a little boost, a little reminder that I am worthy regardless of how hard I work or how many sales I have. That at this moment I am, to borrow a phrase, “completely and wildly enough.”

Company: Wildly Enough

Location: Storrs, Connecticut

Website: https://wildlyenough.com/


Wildly Enough is created by two friends, Chelsea Brennan and Lauren Garafalo, as a way to bring positive energy into the world.


We also work together on Smart Money Mamas, an online platform that helps moms build wealth in a way that aligns with their values and lets them create their best possible life. The concepts for Wildly Enough initially came from affirmations and encouragements we give our mamas on that platform everyday. Plus, it allows us to lead by example by leaning into a creative venture that brings us joy!


All of our products are U.S. made and we aim to keep our shipping eco-friendly!