Hidden Secrets at the Little Village Church by Tracy Rees

I love when a story takes you by surprise. And I love when you can’t help but to fall in love characters as you watch them fall in love with each other. That’s what Hidden Secrets at the Little Village Church has to offer. 

What I liked..no, what I loved:
I loved the setting, the slightly oddball characters, how their relationship blossomed, the secrets they uncover, and the cast of characters they meet along the way. 

There is such good character development in this story. Much like getting to know someone in real life, the author allows the reader to take their time and get to know each of the characters. She makes them memorable and distinct, each with their own struggles and secrets.

There were so many scenes that made me chuckle and a handful that made me cry. This is the kind of sweet, poignant story that begs to be made into a movie, complete with a theme song that makes you reach for the tissues.

For it’s lovely setting, purposeful characters, and a story that had me turning pages to get to the happy ending I knew just had to happen…five stars.

Book Details

Genre: Women’s Fiction


Release Date: 7 May 2021


Book Blurb:

‘This may just have saved my life…’ The hurried scribble in the dusty visitors’ book catches Gwen’s eye. Just like that, she is drawn into a mystery at the heart of the pretty village of Hopley, and her troubles seem to fall behind.

When tragedy strikes, Gwen Stanley finds herself jobless and heartbroken. With nowhere else to turn, she retreats to Hopley, a crumbling little village in the sun-dappled English countryside. Wandering the winding lanes and daydreaming about what could have been, Gwen feels so very lost for the first time…

Until one day she pushes through the creaking doors of a tiny stone church on the edge of the village, forgotten by nearly everyone. There she stumbles on a little book full of local secrets. It might just change her life.

Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Cecilia Ahern and Fiona Valpy, this is a gorgeous, feel-good read from a Richard and Judy bestselling author.

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