And Now You’re Back by Jill Mansell

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.


In the wee small hours of the morning, on a snow covered street in Venice, a connection is forged between Didi and Shay. But young love is vulnerable to time, family, and life and their romance comes to an abrupt end after Shay’s father is accused of a crime.


Fast forward thirteen years and Shay is back, grown up and gorgeous. And Didi isn’t quite sure how she feels about him. And Now You’re Back is a fun romance where you just can’t help but root for Didi and fall in love with the cast of characters playing a part in seeing that young love reignited.


What I Liked

There is so much to like about this book. The characters are funny, the storylines interesting yet entirely plausible, and it has a bittersweet happy ending that makes you wish for a sequel. I love the connection between Didi and Shay and really felt for them. Deep down they both know they were meant for each other, all they have to do is figure out how to get out of their own way. The attraction and chemistry between them is electric.


What I Wish Was Different

I’m all for stories that jump into the action, but the first couple of chapters had me running to catch up. At first, I wondered if this was the second book in a series. Quite a few characters are introduced very quickly and I had a bit of a time keeping track of them all initially. But, I’m glad I kept going, the middle and the end of the book were well worth it.


For the lovely chemistry between Didi and Shay, a wonderful cast of characters with satisfying subplots, and the happy ending we all hope for, this book earns 4.5 stars.


Book Details

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romantic Comedy


Release Date: 8 June 2021


Book Blurb: 

They never thought they’d see him again…


Didi Laing met her first love, Shay Mason, on a magical winter visit to Venice. For six months after that they were rapturously happy together and Shay came to work at Didi’s parents’ hotel in the Cotswolds. One event changed everything, shocking the town, and leading to Shay’s disappearance.


In the thirteen years after Shay walked out, no one expects ever to hear from him again. Then one day, out of the blue, Shay returns to Elliscombe to fulfill his father’s dying wish and unintentionally upends Didi’s life. Moving into the best suite in her hotel sparks all kinds of rumors and sets off a chain of events that affects the whole town. The residents of Elliscombe all have their own stories and secrets, more intertwined than anyone could have guessed…

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