The Hotel At Honeymoon Station by Tilly Tennant

Maybe it’s because I watch too much HGTV, but the idea of a buying an old train station and turning it into a cozy hotel just sounded like a good read to me. In this sweet romance, Emma and Tia take on the daunting task of renovating the decaying Honeymoon train station into a place paying guests would want to say. As you might imagine, their task doesn’t come without challenges, everything from the weather to protesting neighbors threaten to keep them from their goal. But their endeavor also leads them to love. In a town called Honeymoon, I’d expect nothing less.


What I Liked

There is a fun cast of characters in this book. From the landlord for their rented apartment to the local restaurant owner and shop keepers, the characters create the charm a small town just has to have. I enjoyed the themes on family and love the time the author took to explore and flesh out the relationship between Emma and her family.


What I Wish Was Different

As much as I wanted to suspend disbelief entirely and take up residence in Honeymoon, this book fell a little flat for me. While the beginning of the book offered promise in character connection and development, once Emma leaves home, the follow on relationship with Tia and her love interest, Aidan, just didn’t have the same depth. I almost wish this book was about 50 pages longer so there was room to really build the connections between characters. It would have heightened the conflict and made me empathize with Emma a bit more.

For the idea that love can’t help but find you in a town called Honeymoon and an interesting and memorable cast of characters, I give this book three stars.


Book Details

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Clean Romance


Release Date: 18 June 2021


Book Blurb:
When Emma’s useless fiancé tells her a lie she cannot forgive, she decides enough is enough. She leaves him, quits her dead-end job and travels hundreds of miles away to the ancient village of Honeymoon in the Dorset countryside, to help her friend Tia turn the old train station into a boutique hotel.

Tia has told Emma that it will be a project, but when Emma arrives in Honeymoon and sees a weed-choked crumbling ruin, her vision of an idyllic life in Dorset begins to disintegrate. But when she meets twinkly-eyed builder Aiden in the village shop, and sparks fly between them, she can’t help but feel that the stars have for once aligned.

As work begins on the hotel, Emma and Aiden grow closer, and on sun-dappled evening walks, he tells her the secrets of the village. But there are some villagers who wish that Emma had never arrived in Honeymoon… And when Emma is involved in a terrible accident on site, and then discovers what Aiden has been keeping from her, it feels like the universe is telling her to leave Honeymoon for good. What if she was wrong to say goodbye to all that was safe and familiar? Will she ever be able to find her happy-ever-after in Honeymoon?

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