Long Walk home by Ellyn Oaksmith

We all make mistakes. How we evolve and learn from those mistakes says a lot about who we are as people. For Lola, the consequences of past mistakes makes it hard for her sister to see her as anything as a misguided daydreamer. For Gus, those mistakes meant time in prison.


But both Lola and Gus have dreams of a better future.  When Lola’s plan to add mini-cabins to her family’s vineyard inadvertently creates a job for Gus, the tension and sparks between them are understandable and inevitable. 


This is a story of redemption, love, and trust. Lola is easy to empathize with, and despite his past misdeeds, Gus is the bad-boy-turned-good you just can’t help but fall in love with. This has just enough sizzle and conflict to make it a perfect summer vacation must-read.


For the great tension, interesting character dynamics, and the feel-good ending, this book gets a well-deserved five stars.


Long Walk Home by Ellyn Oaksmith will be released on April 30 and is available now for preorder on Amazon


Genre: Contemporary Romance; Women’s Fiction

Book Details

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Release Date: April 30, 2021


Book Blurb:

Lola recognized him straight away. After ten long years of telling herself that maybe she hadn’t really loved him—there he was. And straight away she knew she wanted him still.


Lola Alvarez loves working in the restaurant of Blue Hills, her family’s winery, looking out over vine-covered slopes down to the crystal-blue waters of the lake. But she is also determined to make her own mark on the business—to show her older sister Carmen that she’s not the same flighty teen she used to be.


Her plan to build gorgeous vacation cabins in the mountain meadow above the winery will be the perfect addition to Blue Hills, even if she has to go behind Carmen’s back to make her dream a reality. When Carmen sees how popular they are she’ll have to come round—right?


But then Gus Weaver comes back to town. Gus was her first love, the bad boy she used to climb out of windows to see. But he’d broken her heart when he left town suddenly, without so much as a goodbye. After that, she’d never seen him again.


Until now. As fate intervenes and they’re forced to work together on Lola’s project, sparks start to fly between them once again. But he’s led her astray before. Can Lola keep her mind on what she truly wants, when her heart—and the way it beats faster every time she looks into Gus’s blue eyes—is telling her something very different?

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