From Paris, With Luck

A Book & A Bath Box

Truth is, I am an absolute sucker for stories that introduce a little bit of magic into everyday life. I am also, though a little later in life, learning to not only lean into my talents and skills, but to revel in the joy they bring me. Especially when I get to share them with others.

This book check so many of my favorite reading boxes: a complicated mother-daughter relationship, gourmet food, self-love, grumpy-sunshine romance, and the remarkable transformation that is possible in the aftermath of hardship if only we are brave enough to ask for help and do the work.

This book also happens to be from one of my favorite authors, and in fact, one of the first authors we ever featured in a box. Her stories always entertain and inspire me. Enjoy!

  • Fancy French cooking
  • An interesting, slightly magical talent
  • Self-love and the power of finding your purpose
  • Forgiveness and the importance of letting go of guilt
  • Heather Webber, Amy E. Reichert, and Debbie Macomber
  • Paris & the Pacific Northwest
  • Stories where food plays a prominent role


What's Inside This Box?

The Book

American chef Georgia May Jackson has one goal—to run her own restaurant in Paris. After a grueling decade working in Parisian kitchens, she is on the cusp of success. But in one disastrous night, Georgia loses her sous-chef position, her French boyfriend, and her sense of taste! Renowned for her refined palate and daring use of bold flavors to create remarkable dishes, Georgia is devastated to discover her culinary gift has simply…vanished.

When she receives a surprising invitation from her estranged mother, Georgia flees to a small island near Seattle hoping the visit will help her regain her spark in the kitchen. As she tentatively reconnects with her mom, a free-spirited hippie eager to make up for her past mistakes, Georgia realizes there is something about the enigmatic island she just cannot piece together. Good luck charms start appearing in the oddest places. Her neighbor is a puzzlingly antagonistic (and annoyingly handsome) oyster farmer. And her mom keeps hinting at a mysterious family legacy.

With the clock ticking and time running out to win her dream job in Paris, Georgia begins to unravel some astonishing secrets that make her wonder if the true recipe for a charmed life might look—and taste—very different than she ever imagined.

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Magical Realism

Published: January 2024

The Story-Inspired Goodies

Shamrock Necklace

Not everyone believes in luck, but Georgia never hesitates to give her four-leaf clover necklace a rub whenever she’s in need of some. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll have good luck when you wear this, we also can’t promise you won’t.

Orange Blossom Honey Bath Soak

Orange blossom just happens to be Georgia’s favorite flavor of macaron. And orange, also just happens to be the color of a certain someone’s regular rubber overalls. Coincidence? 

Wine Lips Lip Scrub

Wine and French cooking go hand in hand…or in this case, hand in lip. This delicious lip scrub will leave your lips kissably soft with the flavor of a sweet wine with a touch of blackberry.

Pistachio & Sweet Almond Macaron Bath Bomb

There’s nothing like a little girl talk and some life strategizing with a macaron in hand. Now, this one is designed to be dropped in the tub, but the effect is the same. A little sweet to make the bitter easier to bear.

Honey Lavender Chocolate Bar

It becomes very clear that Star’s home on San Juan Island is a special place. The sun is warm, the seafood is plentiful, and the honey tastes of lavender. Add that to a bit of chocolate, and we’ll call it heaven.

The Good Cause

We will donate a portion of The Madrona Institute, a non-profit based in the San Juan Islands that envision a community and a world in which human beings co-exist peacefully with each other and responsibly with nature.

Their mission is to engage current and future generations in the conservation and stewardship of the local ecosystem, and to encourage community dialogue and leadership on climate-related issues. 

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