Life is a Bowl of Cherries

A Plots & PossibiliTeas Box

It takes courage to look at your life an evaluate the good and the bad. And it takes a leap of faith to decide that something more, something better is out there for you. It’s this courage and willingness to take a chance that drew me to the amazing characters in this book. 

This is a story of sisterhood, of family, both born and found, of friendship, self-love, adventure, and laughter. It’s sweet and funny, salty and a bit sad at times. It’s the kind of story I didn’t want to end, but felt fully satisfied when it did.

And it left me wondering what I would do if the chance arose for me to change my life for the better, even if it meant moving to a new place and starting over. If I had the support of the women in this book, it’s hard to imagine not taking that leap of faith.

  • Two protagonists I immediately empathized with and rooted for
  • A ride-or-die best friend and enough drama references to make this theater kid happy
  • Older women doing amazing things
  • The thread of friendship and sisterhood throughout the whole book
  • Susan Mallory, Mary Kay Andrews, and Elin Hilderbrand
  • Friendship fiction with elements of starting over and romance
  • Cherries, old-fashioned country stores, and lake life Michigan style


What's Inside This Box?

The Book

For most of her eighty years, Mary Jackson has endured the steady invasion of tourists, influencers and real estate developers who have discovered the lakeside charm of Good Hart, Michigan, waiting patiently for the arrival of a stranger she’s believed since childhood would one day carry on her legacy—the Very Cherry General Store. Like generations of Jackson women before her, Cherry Mary, as she’s known locally, runs the community hub—part post office, bakery and sandwich shop—and had almost given up hope that the mysterious prediction she’d been told as a girl would come true and the store would have to pass to…a man.

Becky Thatcher came to Good Hart with her ride-or-die BFF to forget that she’s just turned forty with nothing to show for it. Ending up at the general store with Mary is admittedly not the beach vacation she expected, but the more the feisty octogenarian talks about destiny, the stronger Becky’s memories of her own childhood holidays become, and the strange visions over the lake she was never sure were real. As she works under Mary’s wing for the summer and finds she fits into this quirky community of locals, she starts to believe that destiny could be real, and that it might have something very special in mind for Becky…

Genre: Contemporary/Women’s Fiction

Published: June 2023

The Story-Inspired Goodies


Simple and sweet, the only thing that could improve upon a cherry is chocolate. This happens to be Mary’s favorite coffee flavor in tea form.


Becky steals her fathers ratty old slippers to toss into the shoe tree. But after everything she’s been through, Becky deserves a fairy tale complete with appropriate shoes.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mug Cake Mix

Coffee cake is a Very Cherry General Store staple. This version is quick and easy, but no less delicious!

Snickerdoodle Mug Cake Mix

Another sweet treat from Mary’s kitchen, complete with cinnamon and sugar, but sans the mess and hassle.

Juniper Pine Hot Toddy Kit

Nothing says northern Michigan like cherries, lake life, and pine. This fun cocktail kit will make you swear you’re sitting on the shore looking out over the lake.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

While Becky uses peanut butter to wrestle a wad of gum from a student’s hair, we prefer to partner it up with chocolate and eat it instead.

The Good Cause

We will donate a portion of the profits of this box to the First Peoples Fund, a non-profit that provides direct funding, resources, and professional development to Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native artists, culture bearers, and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI).

Their mission is to honor and support the Collective Spirit of First Peoples artists and culture bearers. Their work recognizes the power of art and culture to bring about positive change in Native communities, beginning with individual artists and their families. 

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